Andrew Marzotto Trio
The Emmet Ray
September 1st 2022 8PM-10PM

Max Simpson Group
TUJF Mel Lastman Square
September 3rd 2022 5PM-6PM

Max Simpson Trio
Oud and Fuzz
September 4th 2022 4PM-7PM

Andrew Marzotto Solo
Emmet Ray
September 9th 2022 6PM-8PM

James Griffith Quartet
Poetry Jazz Café

September 15th 2022 9:30PM-12AM

Jonathan Chapman Group
Poetry Jazz Café

September 23rd 2022 9:30PM-12AM

George Crotty Trio
Danforth & Carlaw, Cafe TO
September 24th 2022 2PM-4PM

Joanna Majoko Group
Sunset Series, Mimico Square
September 26th 2022 4PM-6PM

Jesse Ryan Bridges
The Supermarket, Kensington Market Jazz Festival
October 2nd 2022 5:30PM-7:30PM

Devin Patten Group
October 4th 2022 7:30PM-9:30PM

Andrew Marzotto Quartet
The Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Bar
October 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th 2022 6PM-8PM

Joanna Majoko Duo
Horseshoe Tavern,
opening for Julie Title
October 25th 2022 8:30PM-11PM

Debi Botos Group
Jazz Bistro
October 26th 2022 8PM-10:30PM

Devin Patten Group
Sellers and Newel
November 3rd 2022 8PM-10PM

Andrew Mcansh Quartet
The Pilot
November 5th 3PM-5:30PM 2022 

Laura Anglade Duo
Windrush Estate Winery
November 13th 2022