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My musical teaching objective is to show students that by mastering the basics and fundamentals, they can draw upon limitless inspiration. Together, we will develop your musical language so that you can express yourself fluently. Music is limitless and the materials I present will help fuel your life-long musical education.


I have been teaching intermediate to advanced guitarists in Toronto and around the world through online classes. I have a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. While at college, I was fortunate enough to study with Mick Goodrick, Hal Crook, Tim Miller, David Tronzo, Danilo Perez, Joe Lovano, John Patitucci and Terri Lyne Carrington, amongst many others. My four years at Berklee laid the foundation for my musical identity, and since then I have developed  my playing and teaching styles.  


Let’s explore harmony, practicing, creating lines, learning songs, guitar technique, improvisation, chord melody, composition, and music theory together.


Music is infinite. It can be daunting to know how to move forward and fulfill your musical goals. I will personally design a tailored curriculum based on your current level and musical objectives.


All my lessons include follow-up notes with notations, diagrams and references. My students are at different levels but they all share a love of music and a commitment to work hard to achieve their personal goals.

Some of Andrew's students are saying ...

"Taking lessons with Andrew has helped me greatly in not only developing my understanding of jazz theory, but also in learning very clear, efficient practice methods to apply that theory. With his in-depth knowledge and ability to simplify complex concepts, learning jazz and improvisation no longer feels like it has to be a daunting task."      - Mike R.




“Studying with Andrew completely changed the way I approached the guitar. From rebuilding fundamentals, to expanding harmonic possibilities and learning how to effectively practice them, Andrew’s guidance has let me put down new musical pathways and accelerated my growth as a musician more than I could have ever imagined. He articulated both simple and more advanced concepts in a clear and concise way that inspired me to reach new heights in my playing. Beyond that, he is incredibly supportive and caring both as a musician and a person. If you’re looking to take your musicianship to the next level, I really couldn’t recommend him any higher.”        

- Josh M.




“My experience studying with Andrew has been incredibly rewarding. He is a very generous and welcoming teacher yet disciplined and focused as well. Whether we were working on advanced concepts or I was looking for general advice, he always gave me enough material to leave each lesson satisfied.”                                          

- Mario P.

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